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What Is VG and PG in Vape Juice?

Are you curious about what’s in those tasty vape juices everyone is talking about? From fruity flavours to creamy desserts, the possibilities are endless. But have you ever wondered exactly what’s inside all those delicious flavours?

How to Get a Disposable Vape to Stop Spitting

Vaping is consuming tobacco and marijuana products through a handheld or stationed electronic device (vape). The gadget heats the e-juice, a liquidized nicotine, tobacco, or marijuana, into an aerosol allowing users to inhale and exhale it as a cloud of...

13 Important Milestones in the History of Mental Health

Discussions of mental health often refer to a range of mental illnesses, including psychotic disorders like schizophrenia, mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder, personality disorders, anxiety, trauma, as well as eating disorders and substance abuse disorders. However, mental health...