How to Get a Disposable Vape to Stop Spitting

Vaping is consuming tobacco and marijuana products through a handheld or stationed electronic device (vape). The gadget heats the e-juice, a liquidized nicotine, tobacco, or marijuana, into an aerosol allowing users to inhale and exhale it as a cloud of smoke. 

Sometimes, it can be hard to determine why your disposable vape is spitting, but you cannot miss a solution from the above measures. After trying all the best tips to no success, feel free to engage the manufacturer or a trusted vape supplier for help. However, it’s essential to consider preventive measures for spit-backs rather than solutions. 

Experienced vapers must be familiar with how frustrating when a vaping gadget spits while in action. Spitting in disposable vapes (popularly referred to as spit-back) happens when the e-juice in the tank gathers around the coil, heating quicker and stronger than usual. In that case, the e-juice cooks (overheats) rather than vaporizing, forcefully escaping through the immediate openings, such as the mouthpiece. 

Spit-back in disposable vapes is manageable. You can repair the disposable vape pen and get it to work again. Here is how to get a disposable vape to stop splitting:

Take Smaller Inhales 

Sometimes, vapers can take deep and consistent inhale from their vapes without knowing its effects on the gadget. Experts have associated the action with spit-backs in vaping, and it can be managed by inhaling in smaller quantities and less consistently.

Inhaling in small quantities allows a smooth flow of air in and out of the gadget, preventing spitting or stopping an ongoing spit-back. 

Regulate the Temperatures

Another way to tackle spitting in a disposable vape pen is by regulating the temperatures until the spit-back or gurgling stops. In most cases, vapers can increase the temperature or wattage and resume to the normal temperature when spitting ceases.

A temporary temperature increase vaporizes any excess liquid in the tank and removes the over-heated one. However, ensure it does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended temperatures and wattage levels. 

Check the Coils

Defective and worn-out coils can quickly cause spitting in disposable vapes. It could be either the coils aren’t getting heated sufficiently, or the heat isn’t enough to vaporize the e-juice. The above issues facilitate spit-backs in disposable vape pens and can be tackled by adjusting or replacing the coils. 

Do Not Overfill

The vaping community has recently come up with semi-disposable vape pens, meaning users can refill or dispose of them when the e-juice is over. If you choose to refill your semi-disposable vape pen, ensure not to go beyond the ‘maximum’ line. 

Overfilling prevents the vape pen from accommodating the e-juice as required, hinders sufficient airflow, and causes spitting. To be safe, you should refill the vape with at least 80% of the full capacity. 

Be Careful with New Coil Priming 

Priming refers to letting coil heads satisfactorily saturate into the wicking material. It’s a necessary practice for keeping the coils in a good state and preventing overheating. However, over-priming the coils might sometimes do more harm than the opposite, mainly revealed through spitting. 

That shouldn’t prevent you from priming new coils, but be careful not to overdo it. Experts have recommended approximately 5 to 7 minutes for priming new coils. 

Check the Seals and O-rings 

Like other manufactured gadgets, disposable vape pens have O-rings and seals in some of their components. Loosely secured seals and O-rings can trigger spitting in a disposable vape pen by letting unrequired air into the gadget. 

To stop spitting caused by the above issues, ensure all O-ringed components match and that the seals are tightly secured. Suppose you cross-close two different O-rings accidentally; you should disconnect them and screw them correctly. Worn-out O-rings and seals can also cause spitting in a disposable vape pen. 

Check the Type of E-liquid 

Not all e-liquids are suitable for disposable vape pens. Using the wrong type of e-liquid in a disposable vape pen can cause spitting. Ensure your choice of e-juice matches the type of disposable vape pen you’re using to avoid possible spit-backs. 

For instance, due to their thinness, 50/50 e-liquids and nic salts are best suited for low-powered gadgets such as pod kits, disposable vapes, and starter vapes. On the other hand, 100% VG e-liquids are meant for more complex vape devices such as vape mods. 

Thicken the E-liquid

Spitting in disposable vapes can sometimes occur due to the thinness of the e-liquid. Suppose you’re using refillable disposable vape pens; you can thicken the e-liquid on your next refill or when the issue gets out of hand. 

A higher level of Vegetable Glycerine in disposable vapes can help prevent spitting. The process is quite easy. You can purchase a VG and add it to your e-juice or get a vape pen with a higher VG concentration.