6 Misconceptions People Have About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is something that we will all suffer from as we age, this comes in many forms, for some, it is only a little bit of hearing loss and for many others, it can be significant. The good news is that there has been a great deal of advancement in technology that is used in hearing aids and hearing loss diagnosis. As hearing loss is something that usually creeps up on people gradually it is easy to get used to until one day you realize that you can barely hear anything.

With all of the hearing aid options going through the daily struggle of trying to hear people is completely unnecessary. Although many people convince themselves that they have no problem hearing at all, even though their quality of life could be so much better.

1. It’s not worth the effort, I can get by without help

The effects of hearing loss can be surprising. Many think that it just means that you have to turn the television a little louder or ask people to speak up. In fact, as hearing loss sets in it can become increasingly difficult for you to communicate with others. This can often lead to the individual who is suffering from hearing loss to withdraw or start to hate social situations.

2. Hearing loss is obvious

Hearing loss is a very gradual process. It happens so slowly that it can take some time to notice. You may start to compensate by turning up the television volume and it may only become obvious after some time that a solution is needed. If you notice that you are struggling to catch every word that someone says then it may be time for a hearing test. They only take a few minutes and can have a massively positive effect on your day to day life.

3. I can wait a little bit to get a hearing aid

Getting a hearing aid as soon as there is any loss in your hearing an help to prevent the hearing loss from getting any worse. If you leave your hearing loss to develop unchecked, in no time you will find that you will need a much more powerful hearing aid.

4. All I have to do is turn up the volume

This is fine if your only relationship is with a television. The problem is that your friends and family will be patient at first when they have to constantly repeat themselves but over time this will wear thin. This can lead to people avoiding spending time with you simply because it is a challenge to make themselves heard or to follow along with a conversation.

5. Hearing aids don’t work for everyone

This is simply not true, although there are different types of hearing loss, there is most likely a solution for you. You will need to speak with an expert so that they can understand exactly what level of hearing loss you are experiencing so that the right hearing aid can be used.

6. Hearing aids are ugly

When most people think of hearing aids they think of large obvious behind the ear models. This is because this old design of the technology was the only one that you could see. Since then, the technology has advanced to a point where you will not be able to spot the hearing aid that someone is wearing. You may be shocked at how small and nearly invisible these new designs are. You may even have friends that have hearing aids for years and not know it.