5 Types of Unique Wood Floors

Wood floors are versatile, easy to clean, and always in style. They can be created in a rustic or elegant style to fit in with any d├ęcor. There are endless varieties of wood to choose from, with an abundance of possible stains and varnishes to create the exact type you want.

Due to these factors wood floors are extremely popular. If you are looking for a more imaginative twist on this old classic then you need to read this list of five types of unique wood floors.

1. Salvaged wood

There are many types of salvaged wood that you can use to create interesting wooden floors with a little creativity! Wooden pallets or crates are cheap and easy to acquire. For an even more unique touch, you can often find salvaged wood that has been stamped with logos or messages. Think of how cool a floor made out of wine crates from all of your favourite wine companies would look!

2. Combine classic wood floors with another material

Wooden boards or tiles can be arranged in a variety of exciting ways. However, if you want to really take your flooring to the next level you should consider switching out some of the wood pieces for another material. Tiles come in any colour and pattern imaginable. Stones add class and texture to any room, but are expensive to use for an entire room. You can add either of these materials to augment your wood floors while adding a touch of individuality.

3. Painted wooden planks

People often think that wood floors can only be stained or varnished, but the reality is that wood floors can benefit from a colourful coat of paint. You can paint the entire floor to completely brighten up a room, or just a few planks for a notable accent. If you care feeling extra artistic, you can even paint a pattern (think geometric or damask designs!) right onto the wood. For a more subtle look you could try to paint only the edges of the room, the border where one room transitions into another, or just the sides of the hallways.

4. Textured natural wood

For a more rustic and organic vibe, you can use natural textured wood for your floors. This type of flooring may not seem extremely original when you first glance at it, but natural wood is inherently unique because every board is different. Natural wood is versatile and can be used for a number of different wood flooring styles. If you eventually want to change the look of this wood, it would be fairly simply to paint or stain it in the future. For an especially charming accent, you can also use the natural wood circles from tree stumps to tile your floor.

5. Use shape to your advantage

Wooden tiles can be cut in virtually any shape. Although some shapes are easier to install than others, it is definitely worth looking into getting a special shape of tile made to amp up your home. The best thing about using shape as the differentiating factor from other wooden floors is that the interlocking shapes are not immediately obvious when guests first visit your home. Seeing the special design takes a closer look, so that you can have the traditional elegance of a wood floor while simultaneously adding your own tasteful flare.