5 Defining Qualities of Husky Dogs

With many different dog breeds to choose from, it can be a very difficult task to decide which one would be the best for you and your family. While there are many great ones out there with ample desirable traits, the husky is one of the most popular ones and below are reasons why they make such great pets.

1. Friendly

When you have a dog, you want it to be good with people young and old. Otherwise you will be spending a lot of your time worrying about it being ill-tempered and growling at or biting others.

Huskies are friendly and able to successfully interact with everyone they cross paths with. You will not have to worry about your husky being hostile towards any visitors to your home or any small children you may have. Instead, you can count on him/her being gentle and good-natured at all times. Your husky will also get along with other dogs as the breed is used to being in larger packs.

2. Active

If you are not as active as you should be, you need a dog that is energetic and needs stimulation to get you out and about. If you are already active it is nice to have a dog to share your enthusiasm and participate in your activities with you.

Huskies are used to working and being outdoors, meaning they need this stimulation daily. Whether you want to walk, jog, hike, or swim, a husky will be up to it. If you especially like to run, huskies are used to going up to 10 km per day, giving you an able and enthusiastic companion. Even in the winter huskies will be amenable to doing activities outside because this is the climate they are accustomed to.

3. Quiet

When you have a dog, you want it to bark when you have a visitor to let you know of their presence as whoever is approaching could be an intruder. Yet you do not want a dog that barks at every little noise as this can be annoying and disruptive.

Huskies are a preferred breed for those who want a dog but not the noise that can often come with it. A husky will often bark a few times to let you know of a visitor but is quick to stop. Huskies are known to howl instead of barking. While this can be seen as annoying to some, the howling they do is quite beautiful and many people actually enjoy it.

4. Independent

Most dog-lovers enjoy the attention that they give them, following, kissing, and doting over them all day, every day. However, many dog-owners enjoy their personal space. For these people, owning a Siberian husky puppy would definitely be the best breed to choose.

While a husky shows affection and enjoys the presence of their owner, they are also happy to have their independence as well. Because huskies are used to being a part of a pack, they do not outwardly seek the attention of their owner. Instead, they are happy to just be fed and acknowledged as part of the pack.

5. Beautiful

A major determinant in what type of dog a person chooses is its looks. For this reason huskies are one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Huskies are world-renowned for their gorgeous coats that can feature black, white, grey, and brown combinations. They have friendly faces with eyes that can be blue, brown, or white and sometimes they are two different colours. Sharply pointed ears and an erect, proud stature rounds out a perfect look that many people desire in a dog.