How to Stop Static Hair From Happening

Regarding our visual appearances, some parts of our bodies stand out more than others. For example, a great upper-body outfit can look rather appealing compared to worn socks. Or, you may have an excellent hat that stands out and complements your apparel. One aspect of your appearance that stands out is your hair.

No matter your hairstyle, there are various ways to shape and experiment with it. Of course, the same sentiment generally applies to the things that can go wrong with hair. Static hair, for instance, is one issue that can quickly ruin a design you are going for.

Let’s learn how to stop static hair from developing.

1. Moisturizing

Like the products you use for your body, moisturizers are also essential for your hair. Every person’s hair will be different, from the composition to the volume inside. As a result, you will have to find the right products that take care of your hair and sustain moisture. General products for your hair can be a great start, however. Speak with your hair salon for their recommendations on which products to use.

Usually, you want to shampoo your hair at least twice a week. You may be instructed otherwise if your hair needs extra care. Then, once you are done shampooing your hair, apply a moisturizing product while it is still wet. Rub the product into your hair thoroughly, and a static status will be reduced.

2. Anti-Static Sheets

When you do your laundry, there are generally several steps to follow. You put your clothes into the washing machine, put on the water, and add in your detergent. Then, once the process is finished, you can choose how to dry your clothes. Most of us will place our wet clothes into a dryer, along with some anti-static sheets, to save time.

The purpose of these sheets is to prevent static and frizz from building up on your clothes. If you are trying to prevent static in your hair, grab a spare anti-static sheet. Gently rub it over your hair in a smooth, organized manner. This is a simple way of removing hair static without resorting to other complex means.

3. Hairspray

Even with our best efforts, our hair will still have some static. Worse yet, the static may quickly redevelop, forcing you to deal with it again. Grab some hairspray if you do not have time to wash and moisturize your hair again. It is a quick and efficient means of regulating the amount of static in your hair.

Once you have your chosen product, spray it onto your hair from about two feet of distance. Ensure you cover all your head’s relevant areas so the spray can work magic. On the other hand, do not go overboard with how much spray you use, either. Too much of the product can damage the hair follicles on your head!

4. Material Of Brushes

Your hairbrush also greatly affects the state of your hair, believe it or not. While it may be effective to eliminate knots in your hair, the brush composition itself may contribute to static. With this in mind, try your best to avoid plastic hair brushes.

These types of brushes are non-conductive and may spark more static to happen in your hair. Always opt for hair brushes that are metal or wood. These are much more amicable when doing long or short brushes with the tool.

5. Ionic Hair Dryers

To dry your wet hair, you may also want to consider the actual hair dryer you use. It is recommended to use an ionic model to prevent static from happening. These break down water molecules in your hair to minimize the present static charge in your hair.

6. External Considerations

Getting static hair is pretty much inevitable. Nobody’s hair can stay in pristine condition twenty-four hours a day. With this in mind, you want to apply the right products to your hair daily. In addition, you should also be aware of where exactly you are located, as external factors may play a role.

For instance, climates with high humidity can easily contribute to static. The same notion applies to climates where the air is dry, irrespective of whether the temperature is hot or cold. Commit to a hair care routine more often if you cannot avoid these situations. Then, your hair will flourish for the short and long term!