6 Steps to Replace Door Glass Insert

Making minor improvements around your home is a great idea. You’ll be able to enjoy a better living space and increase the value of your property at the same time. One task you may want to take on involves replacing a glass insert in your door. You may have found one that you like better, such as stained glass insert that looks more attractive. Below you’ll see the tips for making this replacement task a much easier one.

1. Remove the door

The first order of business is to take the door off the hinges. There are pins that you’ll need to take out to complete this job.

It may be ideal to have a person assist you because most doors can be fairly substantial. Getting some assistance for taking the door down may help reduce injury and make for a more natural solution.

2. Take out the moulding

Each entry will usually have embellishment in place, and you’ll want to remove this before doing anything else. You should have the right tools around that are sharp and can help the moulding come out quickly.

The goal is to do this without causing any damage to the door. You’ll want to take your time on this task because it’s essential to have all parts of the door in place later.

3. Dust the door

You’ll want to clean the door because this is the time to do so when you have it off its frame. This will only take a moment or two to do but can help the final look.

It’s ideal to use a damp washcloth to do this task, and you’ll be able to remove all of the dust and debris that may be in place. Doing a thorough cleaning can be an effective way to have the best results when the job is complete.

4. Take out the plexiglass

It’s necessary to remove the plexiglass before you can put in the new door insert. This isn’t that difficult to do, but you’ll want to take your time to prevent damaging the door itself.

Use a gentle touch and avoid being too heavy-handed on the removal of the plexiglass. Doing this is the ideal way to prevent potential damage to the door itself.

5. Use the right glazing compound

Ensuring the new glass door insert will stick adequately will depend on the glazing compound you put in place. This ingredient will allow the insert to remain in better position and will enable you to get this job done quickly.

One of the best types you can use is an acrylic brand, and this item can be found in some places in your area.

6. Install the new glass

The final step will involve putting the new glass insert in place. It’s ideal to do this with care to avoid breaking your brand-new insert.

Simply ensure you’ve measured the glass properly for the best fit. Then proceed to set the insert inside of the door using the glazing compound.

Press gently on the insert to help ensure it sticks well to the door and this is the last thing you’ll need to do.

Taking time to make minor adjustments around your home is always important. You may find that you’re the envy of the area when you have a brand-new looking door in place. Don’t delay on getting started on this task today!