6 Common Field Service Software Myths to Ignore

If you believe lightning does not strike the same place twice, then you might also believe a host of other myths associated with a field service software.

The problem with myths is they have been rehashed for so long they sound like absolute truths. However, the only truth about myths is their untruthfulness.

The field service sector has its fair share of myths you should ignore. While some of these are hilarious, others are almost believable. Let’s debunk six of the most prevalent ones.

1. The Clipboard Is Long Dead

Well, if this implies no field service company is currently using clipboards, then the assertion the clipboard is dead is incorrect. According to Software Advice, many field service clients do not use any system at all. This means there are many companies still using the good old clipboard in the field to collect data.

2. Every Field Service Company Tracks Customer Equipment Assets

To the contrary, since most companies do not have a tracking system, they rarely track their customer equipment assets. A field service software helps your business maintain an accurate record of assets. This, in turn, improves productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

3. Mobile is the most Critical Field Service Software Feature

Contrary to what many assume, in spite of the dominance of mobile technology, a field service software with mobile as leading must-have feature is not necessarily the most ideal for your organization.

In fact, studies have demonstrated that mobile is not the key feature in a field service solution. It actually comes 6th in the list of top ten must-have requirements of a field service software.

4. Cloud Deployment Is Preferred

Granted, cloud computing and storage is a growing global trend. It is conceivable that somewhere down the line, cloud deployment will be the most preferred applications hosting method. However, for now, only 30% of businesses are considering cloud-based solutions. For a majority of companies, cloud deployment is not the first option. The best thing is to explore the benefits of cloud-based solutions. As you do this, consider the fact that a majority of businesses do not have a preferred software method.

5. Small Companies Cannot Afford Field Service Management Software

Majority of companies that buy software have annual revenues of 1 to 5 million dollars. These are small companies with less than ten employees. Whether you have a large, medium or small size company, a field service software comes with immense benefits.

6. The Field Is More Important Than the Back Office

Both are equally important. Success on the field depends on system support at the back office. Management and processing of functions such as time tracking, dispatching invoicing, customer management, scheduling, and work order flow is done at the back office.

That field service software is critical to the success of field and back-office operations is not contested. What is contested, however, are the myths about field service software that many have come to accept as absolute truths. Hopefully, I have debunked these myths to help you implement your company’s field service software with a clear mind. The best approach is to analyze the needs of your business and determine if getting a field service software is a good return for your investment. If you are convinced, go for it. When choosing the perfect software solution for your company, keep away from the above common myths and you will be on your way to business success.

With the lies and misconceptions about field service software out of the way, go ahead and procure a software that will add value to your processes and increase your company’s profitability.