5 Untrue Myths About Temporary Employees

Temp workers can often make a huge difference to a business. You may find that having access to temp agencies and temp staff is a huge benefit, since they’re able to help you to meet your goals or hit targets when you need to most. There are some misconceptions out there about the abilities and value of temp staff in the workplace. These myths undermine just how valuable a resource these people can be at any given time.

1. Temporary workers are only for simple tasks

This is one of the most commonly misunderstood things about temporary workers. As temporary workers are used to working at new and varied industries and companies they are very quick to adapt to new working styles and can hit the ground running with ease. You may be shocked at how quickly they are able to pick up duties with minimal training.

Temporary workers can have all sorts of skilled backgrounds and training. Both in the professional and technical worlds. As a result, highly skilled professionals in temp positions come with expertise and workplace competence that make them skilled for work of all levels.

2. Temporary workers aren’t looking for anything long-term

Many temporary workers are looking to build up their skill set in their desired field and see this as an opportunity to get their foot in the door with a large company. This means that they are often very motivated to make a good impression and will often go the extra mile.

Even if you make it clear that there are no long-term positions available, the temporary worker will probably be looking for a good reference from their time with you so that they can take the next step at another company when they look to apply for another company.

3. Hiring temporary workers is expensive

There will be some compensation paid to the temporary worker agency, however, these terms are often reasonable and will save you a great deal of time hunting around for a temporary worker on your own. For many business owners, the time saved here is often more than worth the investment. The best part is that you will not have to worry about any of the HR concerns that come with a new employee as this will all be handled by the staffing agency.

If you were to look to hire a permanent employee that does not work out, this will probably be much more of a financial loss that if you used a temporary worker agency to help fill the gap in your team until you could find the right person for the job.

4. Temporary workers are all the same

There are a lot of reasons why some would want to become a temporary worker. Each person will have their own motivations and a unique education and employment background. With temporary workers becoming more and more common thanks to the introduction of the gig economy there has never been a better time to find talented people this way.

No matter what skill level or set of abilities that you’re looking for, you should contact your temporary worker agency and ask if they have any candidates that would be a good fit for you. You might be very pleasantly surprised.

5. Temporary workers don’t like temporary work

There is a pervasive myth that all temporary workers are lazy and unmotivated. There could not be anything further than the truth. Just because someone is a temporary worker, it does not mean that they couldn’t find work anywhere else. In fact, it is more likely that they are looking to change careers or hoping to use the experience gathered as a temporary worker and turn it into something much more financially rewarding and permanent.