5 Tips for Arranging Your Bedroom Furniture

Whether you are just now moving into your bedroom or simply need to change things up a little to refresh life a bit, arranging the furniture in your room can be a pretty fun adventure. Being able to try all kinds of new things can really open up the creative flow and result in some awesome bedroom designs.

Of course, there are some things you need to always think about before you begin moving things around. Luckily, you will be able to find five of those things below.

1. Avoid Clutter

Having a cozy bedroom is perfectly fine, but going so far as to make things claustrophobic is unwise. You never want to force furniture that is simply unnecessary into the fray. This can lead to uncomfortable living conditions and really hurt the overall feel of the room, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

Plus, it’s always nice to have plenty of room to move about freely. Breathing room can be extremely calming on those high tension days when you need to escape to your private room.

2. Keep Function in Mind

When you are arranging your bedroom furniture, you need to really think about what it is that you typically do in your bedroom. Do you enjoy reading in bed? Then you will want to have a good side table with a nice lamp that can easily light your book for you.

Maybe you like to watch a lot of television under the covers on cold mornings? Then you should focus on finding a good viewing spot for your TV. It’s little touches like this that can definitely make a difference between your old room and your new room.

3. Do a Sketch

Sometimes visualizing the floor plan simply isn’t enough. By sketching everything out on paper, you are able to get a better handle on what things will go where and how things will fit before you move anything around. Plus, you can always do multiple sketches in order to find exactly what it is that you would like to try. The next natural step would be to take that design plan and put it into action.

4. Start with the Bed

When you eventually begin moving stuff around, you should always start with the bed. Your bed is something of a centerpiece for the room, so everything else should revolve around the spot where you will be most comfortable sleeping.

Remember to leave enough space to allow the door to open properly, and maybe avoid placing the bed too close to the window just in case the winter brings some cold breezes that may chill you overnight. Once that is finally situated, then you can begin moving everything else into your room and placing it just how you want it to be.

5. Have Fun

With the proper space and planning, you can ideally try many different combinations with your furniture arrangements. You should feel free to experiment, think outside the box. Try something a little less conventional that may just end up being your favourite furniture arrangement yet.

Remember, everything can be moved back if you don’t like the way that something feels or if you miscalculated the total space that you actually have. In the end, it should be fun, functional, and comfortable, so it may take a few tries to get things just right.