5 Superior Features of Awning Windows

When you need to install new windows on your house, it can be confusing and frustrating as you choose from the many different types. These include single-hung, double-hung, picture, slider, casement, bay, and awning windows.

You definitely do not want to go in blind or you could end up installing windows that are not the right fit for you and would be expensive to replace. While each type of window is advantageous in its own respect, more and more homeowners are choosing awning windows and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Protection

Elements such as rain and melting snow can wreak havoc on your home if it finds ways into the interior. Therefore, it is beneficial to find ways to keep moisture out and one method to do so is looking at installing awning windows.

Awning windows provide a lot of protection to your home. By opening from the top, they are effective in reflecting moisture up and away from your house. They do not leak at all and the weather-tight seal around the window frame will prevent moisture from seeping in at these areas as well.

2. Light & ventilation

You want your home to get an adequate amount of lighting and ventilation. This will allow the interior to be bright and fresh as opposed to dark and stale. For this reason many homeowners have chosen to install awning windows.

Awning windows are versatile and as result can be installed higher up on the walls of a house. In doing so, more natural light is permitted to enter the home. Even if it is raining, an awning window can be opened to let fresh air in. This is due to their design that allows you to swing the pane up from the bottom to the top, effectively keeping the rain out of the house.

3. Aesthetics

The main objectives of your windows are to let light and fresh air in and permit you to see outside. These are important however it does not mean you need to sacrifice the looks of your windows to achieve them.

Awning windows are popular among homeowners because of their aesthetics. Whether you have a century home and want to maintain its unique appearance or have a newer home and want to achieve a contemporary look, awning windows are the best choice. Whether you want to install one at the top of an existing window or rough in a new location altogether, awning windows come in many different looks and designs, allowing you to find one that meets your needs perfectly.

4. Privacy & security

Windows are an important necessity on a home. However, you definitely do not want to sacrifice your privacy and security by having them either.

To deter intruders, awning windows are typically designed to be wide but not excessive in height. As a result, people looking to gain access to your home are not able to fit through them. As mentioned awning windows can be installed higher on a window. Therefore, if you are really worried about people looking in or breaking in, this arrangement can prevent people from doing either.

5. Energy efficient

With energy bills being increasingly extravagant, homeowners are always looking for ways to save in this area. Having the right windows allows you to do this but you need to have the right type.

Awning windows are known to be very energy efficient. The gases used in the manufacturing of the panes allow awning windows to be the best grade possible. As a result, you are able to keep cool air in in the warmer months and the hot air in during the cooler ones. This will lead to energy bills that are much more manageable.