5 Fast Facts About Corner Guards

It’s no lie, keeping a building pristine is quite a task, whether it’s a residence, a warehouse, or an office tower. The more people that regularly occupy a space, the more quickly it will become run down due to regular wear and tear. Luckily, there are some things that can be done to help slow down or avoid the effects of regular wear and tear. One of the most difficult areas to keep in tip-top shape are wall corners. They become so easily damaged from being bumped into all the time, but corner guards can help.

1. Get the job done quickly

Corner guards are quick to install. Simply use a good adhesive to attach the the corner guard to the wall. The most time consuming part of the process is waiting for the glue to dry, but that requires no labour, just patience. It is also significantly quicker than having to fix the wall, not only because of how quick the process is, but also because it will never have to be done again.

A wall that has been mended could be damaged again the next day. A wall that has a corner guard will deflect any damage that comes its way.

2. Made to impress

Whether the building is an office building where new clients are being hosted, an apartment building where new tenants may choose to live, or a residence where guests may come to visit, having damaged walls can be embarrassing and can make a bad impression on important people. Corner guards give any space a sleek look while protecting the walls, so owners can be assured that their building will leave a good impression on visitors.

3. Raise the building value

Places that look run down lose cash value. If the building in question is up for sale or will be up for sale in the future, building owners are going to want to make sure their building is up to standards. Presenting a damaged space is going to bring down the entire value of the building, and for something that can be fixed in five minutes? It’s not worth it.

For businesses running in a run down building too, it isn’t just the value of the building that goes down, the value and the reputation of the business is also at stake.

4. Worry no more

What is really the most positive outcome of installing corner guards is that building owners need not worry any longer about the state of their wall corners. Tenants moving in and out on the regular? No stress. Children running rampant with toys paying no heed to wall corners? Let them be.

Workers failing to take care with trolleys, carts and other equipment in the office halls? Forget about it. Corner guards are a protective shield for wall corners, and they can be purchased in multiple thicknesses so that building owners can choose the one that best suits their space.

5. Save some pocket change

Investing in corner guards can save building owners a lot of money in the long run, because they don’t have to pay someone to fix the wall (or spend their time fixing it themselves) and they don’t need to invest in the supplies needed to fix the wall. Fixing a wall is not necessarily an expensive feat, but fixing a wall over and over again can add up.

Corner guards are a one-time investment for building owners, and they can last years without becoming scuffed up and run down. Corner guards are the most logical solution for building owners, both financially and in regards to what is best for the building.