4 Most Useful Facts About Liquid De-Icers

As the cold weather starts then it is only a matter of time until the first freeze. The ice that forms will turn driveways, parking lots and roads into dangerous hazards unless there is some action taken. It can be very dangerous to be out on a road that has not been treated with a liquid de-icer or other de-icing agent. Thankfully, the technology that exists to remove and prevent the build-up of more ice in the future exists, although many people don’t know a lot about it.

Instead of rock salt or other de-icing measures, there are many benefits to using a liquid de-icer. You will be able to save money, time and ultimately become much more efficient at dealing with ice on roads and other surfaces. Read on to learn more about liquid de-icers.

1. Once applied it won’t move

When rock salt is applied to a surface, foot or vehicle traffic can easily scatter these fine grains until it reaches a point where the surface is no longer protected. One of the great things about liquid de-icers is that once it is applied it is resistant to being moved. This means that the surface that the liquid de-icer is applied to will remain protected for longer.

This becomes particularly important when there is a delay in the weather conditions. If there is an expected ice storm that arrives later than expected the rock salt or other de-icing methods may have been dispersed by the time it is needed. The liquid de-icer will remain in place long enough to help work around unpredictable weather patterns.

2. Liquid de-icer is not as expensive as it appears

When you are looking at the cost of liquid de-icer, it may seem a little high by volume compared to rock salt. Once you start to apply the liquid de-icer it becomes apparent why. Not only is it much more effective, you only need to use a small amount of it for it to do its job.

The liquid de-icer will last a long time and the smaller the volume of it that is required makes it easier to ship and deploy compared to an equally effective amount of rock salt. This can, in turn, save a great deal of money too as you will not need to spend so much on gas and trucks will not need to return for re-supply of the de-icing agent as often.

3. You need to be aware of the ground temperature

The temperature of the air is what most people will be aware of on a day to day basis. As someone whose job it is to keep the roads clear of ice, you will be more familiar with the temperature of the ground.

The temperature of the ground will give you an indication of how much liquid de-icer you need to deploy. If you are unsure of how to calculate this then feel free to get in touch with a liquid de-icer professional who will be able to give you some tips on working out the exact amount of liquid de-icer you need to deploy for any given ground temperature.

4. There will be less harm to the environment

The liquid de-icer will not disperse in the same way as rock salt or other de-icing products. This means that there is far less chance of the material ending up damaging plants or injuring animals. If this is something that concerns you as you are looking for a de-icing solution, then please make sure that you speak with an expert at Innovative Surface Solutions to learn more.