6 Common Myths About Limousine Services

Movie stars and award ceremonies have made arriving in a limousine one of the most glamorous ways to arrive at an event. Everyone has dreamed of the moment of being a VIP at an event and stepping out of a limo to be greeted by cheers and camera flashes. The best thing about this dream is that it can be a reality. Well, maybe not the cheers and press interest, but certainly the experience of riding in a limo.

There are several myths that exist about limousines that need to be debunked, read on to learn more about them and the truth behind them:

1. Limousines are exclusively for the rich

Arriving a limousine is not something that you would do when just meeting friends at the local pub as they are not as affordable as a regular taxi, but they are not only for the very wealthy either. If high school students can take them in droves to their senior prom then they are more than accessible for the rest of us. The vast majority of people who look into booking a limousine ride are often surprised by just how inexpensive they can be.

2. You can only rent older model cars

Limousine rental services pride themselves on giving their clients an experience. The interior of any limousine worth its salt will be of the highest calibre as many of these services rely on repeat business and word of mouth. For this reason, if you have any special requests, you should make sure that you call ahead to ask. The best limousine company in your area will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

3. You can only rent black limousines

There are actually a lot of different limousines colours available. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of colours, sizes and themes when you are booking your limo ride. If you are looking for something a little different then you should make a point of booking in advance so that the limo is available when you want it.

4. Limousines cannot drive on the highway

This is not true at all, in fact, you have probably seen many on the highway as you drive around anyway. This is a myth that is quite common. If you need to be doubly sure then you should feel free to call up the company that you are booking the limo with to ask about their proposed route for the evening. Generally speaking, a limo will be able to go where a car would with a few exceptions due to the length of the vehicle.

5. You can’t drink alcohol in a limousine

Different limousine rental companies will have varying rules about alcohol consumption inside a limo. You will usually be okay to drink inside a limo, however, you may have to drink only the alcohol that they provide. If you need further clarification on the rules about drinking in a limo then you should feel free to ask.

6. You will have to wait around to be picked up

As we mentioned earlier a limousine company is built on its reputation to give their clients a luxury experience. There is nothing less glamorous than waiting in the cold and rain while your limo is stuck in traffic on the way to come pick you up at the end of the night. For this reason, you need to know that all limousine companies are very well practiced at arriving at a pickup point exactly when they are scheduled to. Many will not even leave the area so that they are close by should you want to leave earlier than planned.