5 Characteristics of a Shock Wave Therapy Treatment

Shock wave therapy consists of treating injuries in the body with high energy acoustic waves. The energy used stimulates regenerative and reparative processes within the body. Many physiotherapy clinics offer this treatment and here are 5 reasons to consider this option if you are suffering from an injury.

1. Non-invasive

Invasive treatment methods like surgery come with a lot of risks. These methods are painful and may take longer to heal. In addition to all these inconveniences, invasive procedures are not guaranteed to be successful in correcting your condition either.

Shock wave therapy provides a good alternative for patients who may want to avoid surgery. This option is non-invasive and does not require any prescribed medication. You will, therefore, be able to avoid side effects like risks of infections that come with undergoing surgery. Besides, it is very effective in treating most chronic conditions that require surgery like tennis elbow and tendonitis.

2. Fast healing

An important aspect of shock wave therapy is the short time required for the treatment of patients and their recovery. The length of the treatment period varies depending on the tissue response and the magnitude of the injury. However, most conditions will require you to go for about 3-5 sessions with each session taking a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of ten minutes.

After undergoing shockwave therapy, you will take a shorter period to recover compared to other corrective procedures like surgery. Usually, there is some tolerable pain after the first session. This is because the therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing process at the affected area. After a few sessions, you will start to experience the healing effects and it will only be a matter of time before you return to taking part in your normal activities.

3. Highly effective

According to independent studies done on the effectiveness of shock wave therapy, it is reported that this therapy is about 60 to 90 percent effective in treating various chronic health conditions and injuries. Many research studies suggest combining shockwave therapy with chiropractic care to get the best results.

Some of the success rates obtained from multiple research studies include 91 percent for tendonitis, 90 percent for plantar fasciitis, and 77 percent for tennis elbow. Most of these studies show that patients start to achieve desired results after three sessions. Therefore, the chances are good that treating chronic conditions using shock wave therapy is effective.

4. Breaks down calcium buildup

When calcium builds up in joints and tendons, it can cause chronic conditions like calcific tendonitis. The calcium that has formed on the tendon causes severe pain when it becomes inflamed. If the calcium is left for a long time to build up, it may even start to limit your movement.

Shock wave therapy can help to eliminate calcium buildup in the tendons. This therapy breaks down the calcification into small particles for easy absorption into the body. Clearing this calcification from the affected area reduces pain and helps your body to function normally.

5. Safe and affordable

Many patients prefer shock wave therapy treatment because it is safe with very minimal side effects. Most patients experience manageable pain after the procedure, which does not last more than 24 hours provided you stay away from vigorous activities during the treatment period.

Unlike other treatments methods like surgery and medication, shock wave therapy does not have side effects like infections and adverse reactions to anaesthesia. Just make sure a qualified physiotherapist carries out the therapy. Shock wave therapy is also cost effective. This is because the procedure requires few sessions as compared to other treatment methods. Besides, it is covered by many insurance companies.